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Alfredo Mireles 
Mireles is a Student Regent serving on the UC Board of Regents.

On the Record

At a teleconference meeting held at four different UC campuses in November, the UC Board of Regents promised increased engagement with students on fiscal issues facing the university. More »

Visiting Scholar at the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center and a Doctoral Student at UC Berkeley

If current trends continue, in 10 years, we can predict that UCLA will cost $40,000 a year for Californian students, and a third of the students will be from out of state. More »

On The Record

Gov. Jerry Brown recently announced that he was ending talks with Republican legislators over a temporary tax increase. What can be done to prevent partisan standoffs in Sacramento and improve the UC's financial circumstances? More »



Gov. Jerry Brown's state budget would cut $500 million from the UC system. What are the potential effects on the quality of the UC and the education it offers? More »

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