Allan Kew

This board does not endorse transfer representative candidate Allan Kew because he lacks crucial experience with USAC politics and working within student government. While Kew puts forward some interesting platforms such as establishing a town hall for transfer students to voice their concerns and creating a transfer student mentorship program, he does not have the institutional knowledge to accomplish these goals. More »

Vacancy Amendment

This board endorses the Vacancy Amendment – a clear and simple solution to a glaring flaw in the Undergraduate Students Association Council constitution. However, we do have reservations about whether future councils will actually obey the document. More »

Sofia Moreno Haq

Sofia Moreno Haq would bring a solid amount of student government experience to the council table, despite having no prior experience in USAC, having served as a student senator at her community college prior to transferring to UCLA. More »

While all candidates discussed creating better unity among transfer students, Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed appeared most in touch with the diverse transfer student community and its needs. She also stood out in her institutional knowledge of transfer student issues. More »

Although the Green Initiative Fund referendum would extend an important fund past its 2018 expiration date, we do not support the current referendum on the ballot because its language fails to address the fund’s massive surplus. More »

Although the Bruin Diversity Referendum commendably aims to provide resources for some student organizations and institutional bodies that support campus diversity, its efforts are ultimately misdirected and fail to solve the real funding problem facing its beneficiaries. More »

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