Sunday, December 15

Op-ed: Intergenerational trauma affects mental health of Southeast Asian-Americans

I am a second-generation Vietnamese immigrant, a child of refugees from the Vietnam War who lives in the heart of Little Saigon, California. My hometown has one of the highest concentrations of Vietnamese people outside of Vietnam, and I am, according to statistical analysis, more likely than the average white American to suffer from depression, all things considered equal. Read more...

(Liz Ketcham/Assistant Photo editor)

Letter to our readers: Why Daily Bruin staffers are going on strike

To the Associated Students UCLA Communications Board, Jacob Preal, Abigail Goldman, Doria Deen and the readers of the Daily Bruin, We, the undersigned, are writing to express dissent and disappointment with the ASUCLA Communications Board’s vote to appoint an editor in chief against the staff’s recommendation. Read more...

Photo: (Liz Ketcham/Assistant Photo editor)

(Liz Ketcham/Assistant Photo editor)

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