Your story about speaker fees overlooks a vital element of the UCLA College of Letters and Science’s Luskin Lecture for Thought Leadership. It was the wish of alumni Meyer and Renee Luskin – a portion of whose $100 million gift endowed the lecture series – that it would expand dialogue among scholars, leaders in government and business, and the greater Los Angeles community – one of our primary missions as a public university. More »

I was dismayed to read reports of a so-called “ethics pledge,” circulated during the Undergraduate Students Association Council election, which sought to pressure candidates for student government office to promise they would not take educational trips to Israel offered by some of the most well-regarded Jewish community organizations in the country. More »

Noor Gill and Amy Lee discussed normcore fashion in their May 22 A&E column, “Normcore trend embraces ironic take on fashion.” However, their article fails to comment upon the cultural insensitivity of the so-called “trend,” which is based on the popular belief that the most fashionable thing to be is “normal.” Normcore is a practical joke that isn’t funny. More »

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