Earlier this year, UCLA students asked student government members not to take lobbying trips hosted by bigoted and discriminatory groups. In a strange intervention into campus politics, this summer Los Angeles City Council member Bob Blumenfield proposed a resolution denouncing this pledge. At a time when we are flooded with other problems, it is curious that Blumenfield has asked the City Council to spend its energy meddling in what appears to be a settled issue. More »

On Aug. 26, Judicial Watch took a step in defense of taxpayer rights by filing a lawsuit against the University of California Board of Regents. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of former California Senate candidate Earl De Vries, alleges that the UC Board of Regents is currently violating federal law by granting in-state tuition and state-funded public benefits to undocumented immigrants. More »

Sexual violence on college campuses is a silent, stigmatized epidemic, and no campus is exempt. Even universities absent from the Department of Education’s list of colleges currently under investigation for violating federal laws meant to protect survivors of sexual assault – Title IX and the Clery Act – desperately need to improve their policies, prevention and response in order to adequately support their students. More »

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