My first reaction when I heard about the new College Diversity Initiative was, “What? What could possibly be the point of another vote when we just had one in 2012 and that proposal was defeated, although, sadly, just 29 percent of eligible faculty voted two years ago?” I thought I understood some of the arguments against the proposal – there already were too many undergraduate course requirements, progress to a degree could be affected, there is no proven value to such courses, it would “force-feed” undergraduates material they have no interest in, it could waste faculty resources and students’ time and money, there is no need since we live in a “post-racial” society. More »

Editor’s Note: This submission has previously appeared in The Aggie and The Highlander. It has been edited for Daily Bruin style and reprinted below. As classes resume and we return to campus, reminders of the diversity of our student body are all around us. More »

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