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How to make sushi with Sushi World Cup 2012 finalist chef Yasutaka Kawamura

Sushi World Cup 2012 finalist chef Yasutaka Kawamura works at the Westwood Ralphs sushi bar, making sushi for grocery shoppers and UCLA students. Watch as this award-winning chef teaches Daily Bruin Video how to make sushi.

UCLA phone backgrounds

UCLA students check their phones constantly. Bruins tell stories about the pictures they set on their backgrounds and why they are there. More »

Best nap spots on campus

With studying, partying and Netflix binging, it’s no wonder college students nap everywhere. Daily Bruin Video investigated the best spots on campus to catch a few Z’s between classes. More »

UCLA Backpacks

UCLA students have a broad range of backpack styles. Students reveal stories about their backpacks and what’s inside of them. More »

UCLA professor displays the Turkish ud

Assistant professor of ethnomusicology Münir Beken exhibits the Turkish ud, a pear-shaped string instrument resembling a guitar. Watch this video as Beken’s extensive experience shows in his expert handling of this stringed instrument. More »

The Life of a VCN Performer

A VCN performer and fourth-year psychology student, Lyna Truong illustrates how her experiences of her and her parent’s past developed her sense of identity as a Vietnamese-American. More »

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