Songs and Stories: Tom Shay

“I’ve never really played many shows,” says third-year international development studies student Isaiah Murtagh. Murtaugh and his roommate, third-year geography and environmental studies student Andre Arifin, will perform at Saturday night’s Spring Sing 2016, having met through mutual friends. Watch as they play Murtaugh’s original song, “Imaging,” a song inspired by Murtaugh’s past.

Songs & Stories: Temme Scott

Temme Scott, also known as Taylor Broom, a third-year Psychology major, performs her original song “One Not Many”. She shares the thought process that went into creating the song. More »

Songs & Stories: Laura Savage

Laura Savage, a third-year Sociology major and Theater minor performs her song “Hometown”, sharing the process behind writing the song. Savage will be performing as a soloist in 2016′s Spring Sing. More »

Songs & Stories: Griffith Clawson

Singing in Spring Sing 2016, second-year student Griffith Clawson taught himself how to play the guitar, writing and composing his own music. Watch as Griffith reveals what inspires his songs and how he started performing. More »

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