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Fluffy Friends for Finals

In a room filled with cuddly pals with wagging tails, students attended UCLA Residential Life’s Fluffy Friends For Finals to de-stress and relax before finals week. More »

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On Monday Dec. 8, UCLA Panhellenic hosted its third annual Sorority Sing Off competition in Ackerman Grand Ballroom. Sororities were paired and then competed against one another in a music and dance show, complete with a celebrity judge! More »

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Samurai exhibits at LACMA Samurai: Japanese Armor and Art of the Samurai are two exhibits currently on show at LACMA. The first exhibit focuses on Japanese Armor, and showcases armor and weapons spanning seven centuries of Samurai warfare, and is available for viewing until Feb. More »

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The Arirang Concert Project is organized by UCLA student group United Korean Voice. Its goal is to raise international awareness about Korea. The project was represented through a rendition of instrumental performances on Bruin Plaza on Thursday. More »

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Two weeks ago, a University of California Regents committee voted to approve a tuition hike for the next five years depending on state funding. Daily Bruin Video asked a few students their thoughts on the recent tuition hike proposal and the California Senate Democrats’ alternative proposal to raise nonresident tuition by 17 percent and cut funding for the Middle Class Scholarship. More »

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