Saturday, January 21

Collecting Creatives: Timna Naim

Collecting Creatives is a video series highlighting creative people and their work around campus.

Our next creative is an Israeli-American genderqueer gay male-bodied individual, or simply known as Timna. A fourth-year world arts and cultures/dance student with a minor in LGBT studies and a minor in visual and performing arts education, Timna discusses how their identity and artwork work to galvanize a discussion about gender politics, especially in the context of today’s political climate.

Dive in with the UCLA Swim Club

Going into its eighth year, the UCLA Swim Club shows how their team can be much more than just doing laps in the water. Watch the club co-presidents, fourth-year physics student Becky Nimera and fourth-year chemical engineering student Michael Lee, talk about their experiences in the club sport. More »

Reel Life: Joe Davies

Joe Davies is a third-year music student who composes scores for student films, commercials and documentaries. Daily Bruin Video talked to him about his musical influences, passion for film and time working for Hans Zimmer. More »

Collecting Creatives: Melissa Navarro

UCLA first-year theater student Melissa Navarro stars in our next “Collecting Creatives” video series, showcasing her passion and commitment to the art of acting. Recently, she held the leading role in the indie film “Whittier Boulevard” shown at HBO’s Outfest Fusion, a multicultural LGBT film festival. More »

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