Taste Test: Boba

Daily Bruin Video went to five boba spots around Westwood and asked for their most popular drink. Managing Editor Jeong Park and Blogging Editor Arthur Wang sample each drink blindfolded and choose their favorites.

‘Queering up’ traditions

La Familia de UCLA celebrates the intersection of Latina/o and queer identities with a “queerceañera,” taking the traditional quinceanera and “queering it up.” More »

The art of beat boxing

Design | Media Arts student Julia Ramos is a self-taught beat boxer’s whose audio-didactic talent have propelled her to join many competitions as well as the a capella group Random Voices. More »

Graduates’ views of UCLA

Daily Bruin graduates remember moments on campus that encompass or exemplify their UCLA experience. Each graduate shares their view by telling a story in the location that it occurred. More »

Rubik’s Cube Enthusiast: Amber Won

First-year electrical engineering student, Amber Won, was first introduced to a Rubik’s Cube in seventh grade. She was then motivated to solve the puzzle faster with every try, eventually reaching a 7-second personal time record as a high school sophomore. More »

Reel Life: Happy Ali

Third-year psychology student Happy Ali has lived a rough life, from dropping out of school at an early age to losing a child, yet he still manages to keep an optimistic perspective. More »

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