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UCLA Unseen: UCLA Planetarium

Daily Bruin Video introduces UCLA Unseen, a new weekly series exploring lesser-known places on campus. The UCLA Planetarium, located on the roof of the Mathematical Sciences building, is a tranquil dome for exploring the night sky and beyond. More »

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Lego is a toy of “infinite possibilities,” for Aaron Newman, a second-year theater student, who has been building his own art out of Legos. Newman explains how he found his passion in Lego-making and has exhibited and shared his work with other people on websites. More »

The making of zine books

Gracia Amos from Nothing New Publications explains her passion for making zine books and the collaboration with Powell Library to create student zine books that reflect on this year’s common book, “I Never Had It Made” by Jackie Robinson. More »

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Reel Life: Stephanie Gauthier

Stephanie Gautier is a fourth-year Spanish and gender studies student. She has overcome adversity, living with a disability and even death. An immigrant herself, she hopes to become an immigration lawyer to help the community and rid the stigma that surrounds other immigrant students. More »

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