Jueves Jarocho is a collection of musicians from a variety of backgrounds who gather to create music together. The group plays son jarocho music, a form of traditional Mexican music, and accompanies a percussive dance class here on campus. More »

Vball Surfer 1

Freshman volleyball player Hagen Smith surfs at a local beach to clear his mind, escape pressure and enjoy his time off from practice. Smith grew up attending his father’s beach volleyball camp each summer, where Smith first discovered his love for the beach and its waves. More »


“You want to remember your strengths, you want to stay really calm – there is a lot of adrenaline going. If you don’t know what you’re doing and you can’t wrap your mind around what’s happening, you’re not going to win,” said UCLA alumnus Andrew Tsai. More »

David Tracy, Lego artist and UCLA alumnus, passes on his passion for building Legos to his friends, hosting build sessions at his apartment every Sunday. “Lego Sundays,” as Tracy calls them, provide a collaborative and creative bonding experience for Tracy and his friends. More »

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