LACMA: Reigning Men

LACMA’s Reigning Men exhibition highlights 300 years of men’s fashion. The curators of this show include UCLA alumni Sharon Takeda and Kaye Spilker. Assistant curator Clarissa Esguerra explains the thematic exhibit, which will be at LACMA until August 21, 2016.

Christian’s cannabis

“When I explain it to people, I tell them I’m not just a former druggie who needs to do this. It’s a modern approach to a very large market,” says second-year molecular, cell and developmental biology student Christian Kramme. More »

Get A College Life

“Family Ties” actress Justine Bateman became a UCLA Bruin four years ago. Get her insight on what it’s like to “get a college life,” as her blog puts it, once you’ve passed the traditional college age, and why she loved it. More »

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