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Students design outfits out of condoms for Sextravaganza

Sextravaganza presents Condom Couture, a fashion show of outfits made entirely out of condoms to promote HIV/AIDS awareness to UCLA students living on campus. Watch as designers explain their processes of developing such designs out of condoms.

Songs and stories: Lindsey Kunisaki

Lindsey Kunisaki, a fourth-year individual studies student tells Daily Bruin Video the story of her musical journey. Kunisaki combines cultural studies with an eclectic music taste to form a unique genre of American, reggae and Middle Eastern folk music. More »

Reel Life: Camille Totah

“I want people to see me as a person first and my chronic illness second,” said fourth-year psychobiology student Camille Totah. After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 16, Totah has used different opportunities to help raise awareness for those living with other chronic illnesses. More »

Students protest against police brutality

UCLA students took part in the #ShutDownA14 protest to promote awareness and action on campus. Several students started at the Bruin Bear, then walked to Powell Library, North Campus, South Campus and finally Wilshire Boulevard, to call for mass resistance to “stop business as usual” on April 14 in an effort to speak out against police brutality. More »

Baking: From Start to Finish

The holiday cheer never stops in the De Neve dining hall, where UCLA bakers make gingerbread houses for fun year-round. Watch the process of how these houses are made from start to finish. More »

Reel Life: Bo Hwang

“Coming to UCLA is so surreal to me,” said third-year gender studies student Bo Hwang when describing his time so far on campus. After having to overcome difficult obstacles throughout his life, Hwang is making moves to make his ambitions come true. More »

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