Reel Life: Neil Garg

Professor Neil Garg is bridging the gap between chemistry and fun using his passion for the subject, student-produced music videos and pop culture references.

prime fashion lookbook

Daily Bruin video meets prime with a fashion lookbook. Fourth-year history student Alexis Williams and fourth-year geography/environmental studies student Julie Edwards pose for the camera to express their personal styles. More »

Behind the Pen

Fourth-year English student Fanny Garcia, third-year English student T.M. Lawson and fourth-year English student Ruben Rodriguez read their original work in a video series illustrating creative writing. More »

Reel Life: Oren Ruffcorn

Third-year biology student Oren Ruffcorn was born with club feet and no toes, but he never let that stop him from playing the sports he loves. More »

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