Wednesday, October 18

No Offense, But: ASUCLA and beef


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No Offense is back for yet another riveting show. Join Opinion editor Keshav Tadimeti and assistant Opinion editors Jacqueline Alvarez and Abhishek Shetty as they talk about the Associated Students UCLA’s projected losses of more than $1 million in sales this fiscal year.

Hidden Wonders, Episode Four: Inside Engineering VI

In the fourth episode of Hidden Wonders, Will Longyear of Moore Ruble Yudell Architects takes us inside the new Engineering VI complex. Longyear discusses how the building's design is oriented to promote collaboration, whether in a formal lab environment or a more casual outdoor setting. More »

No Offense, But: Fall 2017

No Offense, Daily Bruin Opinion’s radio show, is back for another year! Each week, members of Opinion staff will share their thoughts about what’s happening at UCLA, the University of California system and beyond. More »

No Offense, But: Skyboats

No Offense is back for another week with your favorites Chris Campbell, Keshav Tadimeti and Abhishek Shetty. This week, the guys discuss the possibility of implementing an esports scholarship at UCLA. More »

No Offense, But: Inclusion and Chocolate

No Offense is back for another week with all your favorites! Chris Campbell, Keshav Tadimeti, Abhishek Shetty and Jacqueline Alvarez gather to talk about the work done by Vice Chancellor of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Jerry Kang – and the work his office still has left. More »

Radio: No Offense, But: 2017 USAC election

No Offense is back and here to talk about the undergraduate student government elections. Keshav Tadimeti and opinion columnist Abhishek Shetty are joined by News senior staffers Catherine Feliciano and Rupan Bharanidaran to discuss this year’s results and shed some light on the future of UCLA slate politics. More »

Radio: No Offense, But: Luskin and Laces

No Offense is back for yet another week! Chris Campbell, Keshav Tadimeti and Abhishek Shetty kick off this week’s Opinion podcast by discussing the UCLA Meyer and Renee Luskin Conference Center’s predicted financial shortfall and how the center can shore up its business in the coming years. More »

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