Long Story Short – April 14, 2014 "Long Story Short – April 14, 2014"

Daily Bruin news contributor Amanda Schallert talk about the possibility of having a transfer representative on USAC with fourth-year sociology student Randall Call, fourth-year political science student Nicole Fossi, and third-year political science student Alyssa Nunez, while and Janet Nguyen discusses the heavily contested elections this year, where four slates are running candidates. More »

Long Story Short – March 10, 2014 "Long Story Short – March 10, 2014"

As tenth week approaches, students’ survival skills begin kicking in with weird study habits and late night coffee runs. Meral Arik and Christyana Cabal ask students on Bruin Walk about their personal takes on all-nighters, the songs that keep them stress-free and their responses to the sentence “you know it’s tenth week when…”Afterward, Professor Richard D. More »

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