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While “The Interview” has been taking the internet world by storm, the release of another film an ocean away is stirring up a similar controversy. Bollywood blockbuster “PK,” released earlier in December, has resulted in nationwide protests in India and backlash from certain groups for its alleged criticism of Hinduism and for distastefully offending religious sentiments. More »

"Serial," a podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig, follows the 1999 first-degree murder case of Hae Min Lee throughout its 12 episodes. (Serial)

“Come on, either you think I did it or you don’t … People come expecting a monster, and when they don’t find that, they come expecting a victim … And the reality of it is, I’m just a normal person.” These are the words of Adnan Syed in the penultimate episode of “Serial,” the highly engrossing podcast series that excavates a first-degree murder case from 1999. More »

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