Students carry weight of mattresses in silent protest

Sexual assault survivors and advocates carried mattresses covered in the accounts of their experiences with gender-based violence in a student-led demonstration Wednesday. The event was inspired by Emma Sulkowicz, a Columbia University student who lost her disciplinary case against the man she claimed raped her in a university dorm room two years ago.

Credit: Eu Ran Kwak and Aubrey Yeo

Test of Strength: ROTC Ranger Challenge 2014

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — The UCLA cadets went to sleep at 9 p.m. and woke up three hours before sunrise. By 2 p.m. they had sprinted, jogged, climbed and hauled equipment for more than eight miles up and down steep brush- and dirt-covered terrain, most of it while carrying more than 45 pounds of military gear, including rubber ducks, or replica rifles.

Credit: Brandon Choe

Broken Bells at the Orpheum Theatre

On Saturday evening, the Orpheum Theatre featured Austra as its opening act and Broken Bells as its headliner. Both performances made it a memorable night for the audience.

Credit: Felicia Ramirez

UCLA football narrowly escapes Colorado with a double overtime victory

Credit: Katie Meyers

UCLA at Colorado pregame photos

UCLA football traveled to Boulder, Colo. on Oct. 25, 2014 to face the Colorado Buffs.

Credit: Katie Meyers

USAC Special Election Results

Results of the fall undergraduate student government special election were announced in Meyerhoff Park Friday afternoon. Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed, a fourth-year political science student, was elected the first transfer student representative on USAC.

Credit: Austin Yu, Aubrey Yeo, Miriam Bribiesca and Neil Bedi

UCLA football snaps losing streak, defeats Cal 36-34

Credit: Katie Meyers and Austin Yu

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