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Born to Run: Running with Alex Wood

Alex Wood sits quietly, pondering her toughest question yet: When was the last time you went more than a day without running?
“I…,” she says, her voice trailing off mid-thought.

Credit: Yin Fu

Week in Photos: Apr. 13-Apr. 19

Credit: Neil Bedi, Brandon Choe, Erin Ng, Felicia Ramirez and Austin Yu

Live from Indio: Coachella 2014 Weekend 2

Spectrum photographer Neil Bedi covered Friday and Saturday of Coachella 2014 weekend two. Find photos of crowd surfing dolphins, performing pineapples and more here on Spectrum.

Credit: Neil Bedi

Humans of LA Hacks 2014

HOWEWO photographer Austin Yu went to LA Hacks at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion and photographed teams in their element.

Credit: Austin Yu

Humans of Holi 2014

HOWEWO photographer Austin Yu went to Holi at UCLA and found some Holi-goers who were willing to share stories of their experiences at the event.

Credit: Austin Yu

Week in Photos: Apr. 6-Apr. 12

Credit: Justin Chang, Brandon Choe, Katie Meyers and Austin Yu

UCLA football completes second week of spring practice

Credit: Katie Meyers

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