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Humans of LA Hacks 2014

HOWEWO photographer Austin Yu went to LA Hacks at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion and photographed teams in their element.

Credit: Neil Bedi

Humans of Holi 2014

HOWEWO photographer Austin Yu went to Holi at UCLA and found some Holi-goers who were willing to share stories of their experiences at the event.

Credit: Austin Yu

UCLA football completes second week of spring practice

Credit: Katie Meyers

2014 Korean Culture Night: “Arirang”

The vibratos of the strings sang the melancholy tune of “Arirang,” a Korean folksong that mourns a long-gone companion. More than 1,800 people filled Royce Hall Thursday night for this year’s Korean Culture Night, which opened the show with the words “People of North Korea live, laugh and struggle, just like me and you.”
Find the full story here.

Credit: Brandon Choe

Humans of Westwood: Spring 2014, Week 2

Photodocumenting life around UCLA – one person at a time. (Inspired by Humans of New York: www.humansofnewyork.com)

Credit: Justin Chang

Taco Madness 2014

The taco, one of the king street foods of Los Angeles, is properly celebrated only a few times a year. At Taco Madness, an annual gathering of some of Southern California’s most reputable taco restaurants and food trucks, attendees wait in lines that rival Disneyland’s.

Credit: Brandon Choe

Week in Photos: March 31-Apr.6

Credit: Christopher Hoo, Katie Meyers, Erin Ng, Felicia Ramirez, Jose Ubeda and Angie Wang

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