2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games

The opening ceremony of the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games was filled with joy and excitement in a stadium filled with thousands of spectators and athletes.

Credit: Daniel Alcazar and Miriam Bribiesca

Orientation Issue through the years

Take a look at the front page of the last 13 years of the Daily Bruin’s orientation issue.

Credit: Daniel Alcazar

Paul Greive and Primal Pastures

The Daily Bruin visited Primal Pastures, a farming business founded in part by Paul Greive, an alumni of the Fully Employed MBA program at the Anderson School of Management.

Credit: Daniel Alcazar

Different Views: Daily Bruin Graduation Issue

Credit: Owen Emerson, Aubrey Yeo, Max Himmelrich, Jessica Zhou, Keila Mayberry, Alyssa Dorn, Heidy Cadena and Lisa O'Brien

Entourage Red Carpet Premiere

Credit: Max Himmelrich

LA Landscapes: Santa Monica

Santa Monica Beach attracts thousands each day with its amazing pier, beautiful beach, and awesome waves.

Credit: Owen Emerson and Max Himmelrich

Week in Photos Spring Week 9

Credit: Daniel Alcazar, Hannah Ye, Aubrey Yeo, Heidy Cadena and Conor Cusack

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