Monday, February 18

PhoTACOphy: Tito’s Tacos

Tito’s Tacos Location: 11222 Washington Pl

Credit: Neil Bedi and Brandon Choe

Week in photos: April 22–28, 2013


Credit: Neil Bedi, Brandon Choe, Yin Fu and Erin Ng

Dancers shine at BreakLA x Battle Royale 2013

Hundreds of people flocked to the Los Angeles Tennis Center on April 26 to watch dozens of break dance groups compete and perform for this year’s Break L

Credit: Erin Ng

Bursts of color at Holi 2013

More than 1,000 students participated in the event this year, which was put on by INDUS, the Indian Student Union, the Hindu Student Association, the Sikh Student Association, the Office of Residential Life, UCLA Recreation, Undergraduate Students Association Council president’s office and USAC General Representative 1

Credit: Brandon Choe

Humans of Westwood: April 20-25

Photodocumenting life around UCLA – one person at a time

Credit: Erin Ng

UCLA alumnus dishes out ice cream in a flash

The Ice-Cream Lab, located at 9461 Santa Monica Boulevard, is the newest dessert boutique to Beverly Hills’ growing population of sweet attractions

Credit: Neil Bedi, Joy Jacobson and Erin Ng

PhoTACOphy: Taco Madness 2013

Taco Madness is the fifth annual Los Angeles-styled festival of all things taco

Credit: Brandon Choe and Brandon Choe

Week in photos: April 15–21, 2013

Week in sports has been upgraded to week in photos

Credit: Tim Bradbury, Yin Fu, Katie Meyers, Erin Ng, Blaine Ohigashi and Asya Tabdili

UCLA vs USC Lacrosse

The UCLA men’s lacrosse club team competes with its archrival USC at an away game

Credit: Eman Baha

UCLA’s women boxers at USIBA Championship

Under the training and guidance of head USC boxing coach Ramon Espada who brought a team of USC and UCLA boxers up to the University of San Francisco, two female UCLA boxers, third-year philosophy student Mei-Le Keck and third-year communication studies student Rachel Luba fought in the U

Credit: Eman Baha

College Night at the Getty Center 2013

College Night at the Getty Center was held on April 15, 2013

Credit: Asya Tabdili

PhoTACOphy: El Chato Taco Truck

PhoTACOphy is Spectrum's latest recurring project

Credit: Erin Ng and Brandon Choe

Week in sports: April 8–14, 2013


Credit: Neil Bedi, Brandon Choe, Yin Fu and Sidhaant Shah

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