Wednesday, June 26

Reality Sass: "America's Next Top Model" looks to live up to its name

I've had a long relationship with “America's Next Top Model,” since way back when Tyra Banks was still on cordial terms with the first season winner, Adrianne Curry. I've watched the show for so long that I know the pattern that goes along with being the winner of the show: They are never really top models but more like America's Next Mediocre Model who does wig modeling on the side.


Food Truck Junkie: Komodo delivers international taste

The other day, my friend David Weiss, a third-year biochemistry student, pointed out something interesting about the food trucks on campus: On any given day, there is usually one truck that draws influence heavily from some sort of Asian cuisine and another that serves more Americana type cuisine. If you aren't a big fan of either, then you're out of luck.


Frugal fashion tips: stand out in the crowd with a creative outfit

Fourth-year anthropology and linguistics student Matt Pawlik enjoys wearing bright colors to make his outfits stand out.

As I've grown older and moved on from GapKids to the preteen sections of Old Navy to my current frequenting of Nordstrom and H&M, I've noticed a growing trend, and it's not a good one. With age and perhaps a broader selection of clothes come increased costs. So what's a girl to do after growing tired of wearing that same old black cardigan or those beat-up Converse All Stars? Especially without a job and with all those college expenses? As long as you're a little creative, I've discovered, you don't need to have access to a trust fund or Daddy's wallet to make your outfit pop.


John Cale of The Velvet Underground returns to Los Angeles to perform 'Paris 1919'

Photo Courtesy of MC Goldsmiths

On Thursday, Sept. 30, Royce Hall is rewinding back to 1970s "“ this time without the oversized bellbottoms and tacky sideburns. John Cale, original co-founder of The Velvet Underground, will be performing his 1973 solo album, entitled “Paris 1919,” alongside his band and 19 members of the UCLA Philharmonia.

"‘Paris 1919’ is a tuneful but moody collection of songs with lyrics that are rich in poetry and color," said Neal Stulberg, music director and conductor of the UCLA Philharmonia.

Originally released in 1973, and then re-mastered again in 2006, “Paris 1919” seamlessly threads together the renowned avant-garde style of the 1960s Velvet Underground with classical melodies that are backed by a full-fledged orchestra.


Reality Sass: "Jersey Shore" loses its trashy charm

Photo courtesy of MTV Networks

The show that introduced fist-pumping and Snooki into the mainstream mindset has, quite arguably, lost its sense of intoxicating fun.

“Jersey Shore” was a show unaware of its own annoying, yet endearing, charm, with the unabashed self-deprecation and that freshman thrill of seeing embarrassing incidents in the club. Angelina left early on, the Situation's abs were a fresh anomaly of the human body, and Snooki did those back flips. Since the second season started, the show has become aware of its obnoxiousness and capitalizing on it at every chance possible. Now it's just intoxicating in the bad way. The way that ends with a whole lot of vomiting of alcohol and cheese fries and lamentations of "Why?"


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