Sunday, July 21

Food Truck Junkie: Border Grill restaurant takes to the streets with its delicious tacos

Photo courtesy of Lizabeth Steinhart,

One of the most common, and sadly the worst misconception, about food trucks is that the food they serve is somehow inferior to the food served in a traditional restaurant. In theory, any traditional restaurant could design a vehicle to serve as a food truck and could travel the streets serving the exact same food found at their original establishment. And if there are any doubts about the feasibility of this idea, just take a look at the Border Grill Truck, which will be arriving at the Court of Sciences on Wednesday, Oct. 20. Unlike other food trucks, the Border Grill Truck is not an original eatery but instead is the mobile branch of the popular street food restaurant located in Santa Monica.


The origins of 'another one bites the dust'

Most people who hear the phrase "bite the dust" probably think of the Queen song "Another One Bites the Dust," but it has been around much longer than 1980.

So I asked a couple of people what the phrase meant, and while most gave a correct definition, they were unable to describe its origins.

"It's this huge kind of fail "“ you go down. In baseball, you strike out. They play it at Dodger games," said Ben Caplan, a second-year undeclared social sciences student.

The phrase still has a similar meaning even outside of the context of baseball.


Bel Air Film Festival will screen films as world premieres

It's Thursday. You have options for tonight already lined up. There's a party on frat row, there's a cute person on your floor who wanted to grab dinner, your gym buddy who hasn't seen you since the first week is getting pushy. Well, here's one thing to add to your list: the Bel Air Film Festival.


Food Truck Junkie: Flying Pig offers French twist on Asian cuisine

One of the things that I love about having the food trucks come to campus is getting to see people eat food they wouldn't normally try. Sometimes a restaurant will open down in Westwood, offering new and exciting cuisine, but it is often overpriced and unappealing because of the distance. By conveniently bringing the food to campus and lowering prices through smaller portions, the food trucks do a lot to persuade students to give their food a chance.


Frugal fashion tips: How to make the perfect pair of sunglasses

Claire Le Maitre, a Second-year biochemistry student, wears Mackey’s renovated sunglasses

For 18 years, I resisted wearing sunglasses. No matter how bright it was outside or how little I could see while driving, I just could never get myself to wear them. It wasn't that I had anything against sunglasses per se, I simply could never find a pair that was flattering. And after countless trips to Nordstrom Rack and Forever 21, I began to grow self-conscious about even trying sunglasses on because I honestly felt like nothing would look good on me anyway. I watched in agony as my friends went through pair after pair of cute new glasses, ultimately accepting the fact that I, unlike them, lacked the correct facial structure to support, well, any sunglass style. So after 18 years, I had pretty much given up on ever finding a perfect pair of cool, comfortable sunglasses.


Examining the evolution of the words 'rake' and 'fop'

Illustration by Monica Davila

As an English student, it is hard to ignore the parallels between literary life and reality, which makes for some very interesting conclusions. After learning about George Etherege's play "The Man of Mode," the concept of fops and rakes cycled through my mind.

In addition to serving as a pretty catchphrase for English 10B learning materials, fops and rakes are indeed a part of everyday life, despite their 17th-century origins. A fop can be defined as a vain man who has almost a foolish attentiveness to his wardrobe and general appearance, whereas a rake is a generally attractive man with promiscuous habits.
Upon realizing that the titles of “fop” and “rake” could be synonymous with current-day terms such as metrosexual and douche bag, my epiphany was complete. Clearly I have been studying English to have moments like this where it all makes sense.