New Orleans native rapper Jared Pellerin, known as Pell on stage, performed at the El Rey Theatre Wednesday night. (Daniel Alcazar/Daily Bruin)

Concert Review: Pell

The red-tinted lighting of the El Rey Theatre shifted to bright yellow, and without warning, Jared Pellerin, who performs under the name Pell, burst out on stage. More »

(Courtesy of Black Cricket Recording Co.)

“Archive Series Volume No. 1″ Iron & Wine Black Cricket Recording Co. 4 paws Sam Beam, also known as Iron & Wine, is an enigma. The South Carolinian singer was once a cinematography professor at the University of Miami who decided not to pursue a career in music. More »

Los Angeles "psychotropical" quintet White Arrows defied bland genre categorization when it released a 2014 album that obscures the sound of its 2012 debut album. The group will perform Friday at the Roxy Theatre.
(Courtesy of Big Hassle Media)

Every year, new artists emerge, ready to be Los Angeles’ next great musical discovery, making their rounds through small club tours across the city. Inspired by the hippie enclaves of Topanga, the backyard punk scene of East Los Angeles or the coastal grunge of Venice Beach, each act has its own distinct sound. More »

(Domino USA)

“Gliss Riffer” Dan Deacon Domino 3.5 Paws Imagine a musical supercomputer has ingested some type of psychedelic substance and completely jammed out for 42 minutes straight. More »

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