Maud Arnold, a dancer of tap troupe Syncopated Ladies, performed at the UCLA Fowler Museum Sunday. Arnold's dance group gained national attention after performing a hip-hop inspired tap dance on "So You Think You Can Dance."
(Felicia Ramirez/Daily Bruin senior staff)

The Syncopated Ladies are not a typical jazz tap group, incorporating hip-hop moves through every simultaneous stomp and click of the heels. The all-female tap dance group won national attention this May with its performance on the popular dance competition show, “So You Think You Can Dance.” On Sunday, the group performed some of its repertoire, including a cappella pieces, at the UCLA Fowler Museum. More »

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Album Review: ‘Goddess’

Often categorized under a new wave of modern R&B;, singer-songwriter Jillian Banks’ music certainly perpetuates the classification. But the categorization is merely a scratch on the surface of the atmospheric, brooding sound that BANKS has managed to capture on her album, “Goddess.” The debut album by BANKS offers a seductive, mystical musical palette with hues of dusky synths and pulsating low-end bass lines. More »

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