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Supernatural horror movies have gone stale. Following the “Paranormal Activity” craze, imitators have flooded the market with cliché jump scares, overdone mirror scenes and Asian-inspired female ghosts. More »

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“Only Lovers Left Alive”Directed by Jim JarmuschSony Pictures Classics4.0 / 5.0 Paws Only Adam and Eve, the two stars of Jim Jarmusch’s new film, “Only Lovers Left Alive,” are cool enough to wear sunglasses at night. More »

Finalists in this year's Sprite Films competitions, filmmakers Merlin Camozzi and Rick Perry recently attended CinemaCon in Las Vegas and were mentored by actor Michael B. Jordan.

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For a few UCLA film students, it’s time to swap out their signature blue and gold with the iconic lemon-lime of Sprite Films. UCLA students Merlin Camozzi and Rick Perry from the School of Theater, Film and Television are among this year’s six teams of Sprite Films finalists with their film “What We Need.” The competition gives filmmakers a platform to create and distribute a short film advertising Sprite soda. More »

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