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Simon Savelyev's grand prize-winning film at the Fresh Step Catdance Film Festival, "Ricky," follows the friendship between his large dog, Romy, and newly adopted kitten, Ricky. He plans to donate a portion of his $50,000 winnings to animal shelters like the one Ricky came from.

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The main character in Simon Savelyev’s short film won the heart of his co-star – and later the hearts of America – with a meow. Savelyev, a graduate student in the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, won first prize in the Fresh Step Catdance Film Festival, a contest for cat-inspired films. More »

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The most believable thing about “Fading Gigolo” is that two aging, Jewish movie stars have the ability to be funny together. The chemistry between renowned director Woody Allen and acclaimed actor John Turturro is really the only detail a film of this sort needs to market for a comedy-itching audience to flock to it. More »

UCLA alumnus Tamlin Hall is currently raising funds for his latest film, “Holden On,” which is based on the suicide of teenager Holden Layfield in Hall’s hometown of LaGrange, Ga. The film looks into the struggles surrounding mental illness.
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Nearly 19 years ago, the suicide of teenager Holden Layfield shook the small town of LaGrange, Ga. The community of LaGrange has since come together in support of “Holden On,” a film based on the true events of Layfield’s troubled life and death, written and to be directed by UCLA alumnus Tamlin Hall, a LaGrange native who knew Layfield growing up. More »

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Supernatural horror movies have gone stale. Following the “Paranormal Activity” craze, imitators have flooded the market with cliché jump scares, overdone mirror scenes and Asian-inspired female ghosts. More »

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“Only Lovers Left Alive”Directed by Jim JarmuschSony Pictures Classics4.0 / 5.0 Paws Only Adam and Eve, the two stars of Jim Jarmusch’s new film, “Only Lovers Left Alive,” are cool enough to wear sunglasses at night. More »

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