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LiAngelo Ball, two other UCLA basketball players arrested in China

Freshman guard LiAngelo Ball posted 11 points on 4-of-8 shooting in UCLA’s exhibition game Nov. 1. He and two of his teammates were arrested Tuesday on the team’s subsequent trip to China. (Aubrey Yeo/Daily Bruin senior staff)

Freshman guard LiAngelo Ball posted 11 points on 4-of-8 shooting in UCLA’s exhibition game Nov. 1. He and two of his teammates were arrested Tuesday on the team’s subsequent trip to China. (Aubrey Yeo/Daily Bruin senior staff)

Correction: The original version of this article incorrectly stated UCLA would play Georgia State in China. In fact, UCLA will play Georgia Tech.

This post was updated Nov. 8 at 9:00 a.m.

Three UCLA basketball players were arrested Tuesday for shoplifting in China, according to ESPN.

LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill were arrested and are being questioned about stealing from a Louis Vuitton store, reported ESPN college basketball’s Jeff Goodman. The UCLA men’s basketball team, which had been staying in Hangzhou, is set to open its regular season against Georgia Tech in Shanghai on Friday.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which covers Georgia Tech Athletics, reported Tuesday morning that local police were called to the Hangzhou hotel where UCLA and Georgia Tech players were staying to investigate an unknown matter.

Police spoke to multiple players from both teams and inspected bus cargo compartments before arresting Ball, Riley and Hill. One source told Goodman that UCLA players were seen getting into a police vehicle around 1 p.m. local time.

UCLA Athletics said in a statement the university is cooperating with Chinese authorities and did not provide further comment.

The game in China is part of a Pac-12 initiative to expand its outreach internationally. Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott said the conference was directing all questions related to the incident to UCLA.

“We are very disappointed by any situation that detracts from the positive student-athlete educational and cultural experience that this week is about,” Scott said in a statement. “Whether in the United States or abroad, we expect our student-athletes to uphold the highest standards. We will continue to closely monitor the situation.”

Lavar Ball, LiAngelo Ball’s father, is currently in Shanghai with other family members for the season-opener. He announced he would hold a press conference but changed his plans when his legal counsel advised him against it.

Freshman guard LiAngelo Ball – the brother of 2017 UCLA men’s basketball standout Lonzo Ball – was a three-star recruit. Freshman forwards Riley and Hill both entered the season as four-star recruits.

The three players were released on bail Wednesday morning, ESPN reported.

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  • Rueben Z. Weiner

    I am really enjoying Lavar’s silence for once.

    • Simon Heitu

      Lavar said it was “no big deal”…clearly not to him…

      • Wtfmf

        Simon, you’re not even a Bruin. Cayatesan.

  • slvrsurfer22

    So ends their UCLA careers they will certainly be kicked off the team now.

    • Liz

      This little Ball will be less than one and done hopefully!!!!!

    • webattorney

      Anyone know the governing rule if the charge found to be true?

      • OhSoRight

        Three to ten years in a Chinese prison.

        • http://www.naegele.com/ Timothy D. Naegele

          At least.

  • Rg

    Locked up abroad

    • Wtfmf

      Well, set her free.

  • Ultrabass

    So, another pack of coddled, entitled, THUGS do something stupid. Maybe BLM can get them out, but I doubt it. Good riddance.

    • Publius

      Good morning, Trumpanzee. Thank you for your thoughts. We are all dumber now.

      • webattorney

        Trumpanzee? lol Very creative.

        • OhSoRight

          He also called fans of the previous administration Obamaorangutans.

  • VODi

    i couldn’t find anything about this on the http://www.uclabruins.com website. stupid spoiled entitled thugs is right. completely self-centered. disgusting. Certainly reflects poorly on the coaches and how they coach their little thugs on things like ethics, morals, proper behavior, responsibility, etc too.

    • Wtfmf

      You need therapy…Or love. Or both. But not at the same time. Breathe. I can tell by your anger that you are asian and you feel slighted that these people offended the law of your country, but you made it out. It is okay. You are okay now. Let go of the anger, Vodisan. Confucius say, “penis envy no nice for you.”

      • Simon Heitu

        amazing how guys with small weeners like to talk about weener size. Why the fascination?

        • Wtfmf

          dear Simon Ayy Tu, by you inserting yourself into this conversation you have answered your own query. Penis envy and penis size are two totally different subjects altogether. Welcome to America, now get a dicktionary (purposely done.) My comment which was written in jest in efforts to lighten the subject matter, and was not addressed to you, by the way, obviously triggered you and you felt the need to come to the defense of someone you perceived to be a fellow short [email protected]#$ comrade. I apologize that I hurt or bruised your ego…hey, at least you have a big ego…good for you. Get a sense of humor or better yet, figure out my handle, it is meant for people like you.

  • Publius

    They should be kicked off the team. UCLA is better than this.

    • webattorney

      If the charge found to be true, you would think UCLA would be even handed in its application of rules. At least, you would think their athletic scholarships would be taken away if it is determined that they have violated the terms of their athletic scholarships.

      • Publius

        I would hope so. This sort of behavior is never acceptable, and at minimum the punishment should be removal from UCLA athletics. And yeah, I’d imagine these students’ scholarship agreements would have clauses related to moral/criminal misconduct.

        • webattorney

          We will see if UCLA is even handed in its application of its rule IF it is determined that they have indeed committed shoplifting. Nothing is certain yet.

          • Simon Heitu

            I will never hire a UCLA grad if they are not expelled. Sorry, if a University shows it has zero morals and only cares about making money, I think the education must not be very good. Transfer.

          • http://www.naegele.com/ Timothy D. Naegele

            Apparently there are videos of them shoplifting.

  • webattorney

    I am wondering if the shoplifting charge is found to be true, whether this is a ground for expulsion or suspension from UCLA basketball team or UCLA school? Anyone know?

    • rogermortimer

      If the shoplifting charge is substantiated by evidence, suspension from the basketball team or UCLA will be the least of their problems. They will be facing time in the Chinese penal system, save for a high level intervention by the Trump administration, which may have other priorities with China which will prevail over rescuing these three guys. And I hope Mr. Ball’s father finds wisdom and discipline in keeping mum, as these three guys are in peril.

      • http://www.naegele.com/ Timothy D. Naegele

        Yes, they are in peril, and deserve it.

        Neither the U.S. nor UCLA should help them.

  • mike oxhard


  • s randall

    Police spoke to multiple players from both teams and inspected bus cargo compartments before arresting Ball, Riley and Hill.

    This looks like the police couldn’t positively identify the guilty, but found something that would implicate the guilty. Not good.

  • rk50

    Three arrogant idiots.

  • Wtfmf

    They are behaving as if they go to usc. I hope the punishment is death by SNU SNU! (Please see Futurama) Or maybe they will have a hand cut off for dishonoring their terrible families. Or maybe China will understand that this what Americans do…they steal to feed their unending greed to possess that which they do not need. SNU SNU!

  • http://www.naegele.com/ Timothy D. Naegele

    Leave ‘em in China.