Monday, December 17

Coffee commentary: Peet’s Coffee & Tea

This week’s exploration of local coffee shops brings us a little further off campus, to Westwood and Lindbrook. We discover if the study environment is worth the distance.

Bree: Do you see that couple over there by the drink counter? That woman is sitting in his lap. It looks like they are having a therapy session in a public coffee shop. Weird.

Micaela: It is strange. Things seem to happen like that all the time. Last time when I was here, this guy kept asking me if I could read his statement for the police, and to be honest, I didn’t really feel like saying no. So, there’s that. What do you think of the atmosphere in Peet’s other than that, though?

Bree: This place reminds me of Starbucks. There’s not as many students as The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf here, which actually is helping me calm down. Feels less competitive.

Micaela: Yeah, agreed! I love the Peet’s environment. It seems that there’s a wide range of people coming in and out. It definitely is a break from the stress of students, and I personally love it. Also, I love the coffee. It tastes so good, so even though it is a longer walk from campus, it’s worth it. Plus, it’s right across the street from the Hammer Museum, so you can take a study break there.

Bree: It is refreshing to get away from all the students. Honestly, I think the atmosphere is about the same as Starbucks though – except for the fact that it is so much warmer. While it felt like both Starbucks and Coffee Bean were trying to ice us out, Peet’s is warm and friendly. The coffee here is consistent and wonderful. I got the vanilla latte – so great.

Micaela: Agreed; it seems as if Peet’s can function as a place to both study and hang out. I have noticed that there are outlets along the walls, but not so much by the tables that are in the middle. This can be a hassle if it’s really crowded. Still, I usually don’t have too big of a problem when coming in here because even if it is crowded, a table with outlet accessibility usually opens up.

Bree: Sounds perfect if you have time to wait.


Micaela: Personally, I love Peet’s, so it definitely beats Starbucks and Coffee Bean to me. Even though the walk is a little longer than the other two, I love the environment, and the coffee surpasses both of them. 8/10

Bree: While Peet’s coffee is better than Starbucks’ and Coffee Bean’s, I don’t think the atmosphere is worth the walk. It’s about as good as Starbucks; and while the environment is more relaxed, it’s also more distracting than Coffee Bean, and both of those are a lot closer to campus. 6/10

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Micaela Harris is a Daily Bruin Quad contributor. She writes about many things but enjoys writing about what to do in LA and what coffee to drink while exploring.

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