Monday, November 20

Regents chair, Napolitano condemn anti-Semitism across UC campuses

(Daily Bruin file photo)

(Daily Bruin file photo)

University of California President Janet Napolitano and UC Board of Regents Chairman Bruce Varner condemned on Wednesday the recent controversial comments about a Jewish student’s appointment by UCLA’s student government and swastikas painted on a Jewish fraternity at UC Davis.

In a press statement, Napolitano and Varner said they were horrified to hear that some Undergraduate Students Association Council members initially questioned the ability of Rachel Beyda, a second-year economics student, to objectively rule on Judicial Board cases because of her affiliations with Jewish campus groups.

USAC appointed Beyda unanimously after an initial tie vote and a long discussion.

Napolitano and Varner also spoke out against the incident that occurred at UC Davis in late January in which swastikas were painted on the walls of a Jewish fraternity. In the statement, they called the incident “a hateful affront to all across the UC system.”

“Anti-Semitic incidents such as these, as well as bigotry directed against any members of the UC community because of their faith, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, will not be tolerated,” Napolitano and Varner said in the statement.

The statement also praised UCLA and UC Berkeley student governments for recently passing resolutions against anti-Semitism.

USAC unanimously passed a resolution condemning anti-Semitism on Tuesday. The resolution called upon USAC members to fight anti-Semitism in the future and attend diversity training to learn about the history of anti-Semitism and its appearances.

Compiled by Darakhsha Siddiqui, Bruin contributor.

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  • Nabilam Nabilam

    First, israheili intel is running a worldwide propaganda op

    its agents running stories about “rising tide of anti semitism”. but

    it is all a lie, just propaganda designed to get sympathy for the “poor

    jews, i.e. zionist thugs” who are committing mass murder in gaza. Just google:

    tide of anti semitism…………you can see the operation for yourself.

    Second, see the link below for an example of the zio mafia trying to turn
    legitimate ciritism of israheil into a crime. under their definition saying
    “that sure was horrible of israheil to mass kill all those kids last
    summer” or “israheil killng all those kids in gaza reminded me of the
    warsaw ghetto” would be hate speech and therefore a crime.


    go to page 16-17 and you will see the conspiracy.

    • Bill Wilson

      Nabilam is an example of exactly what this story is about. We have people in this Country like Nabilam who are out of touch with reality, likely having severe mental issues, clearly illiterate, clearly paranoid. I feel bad for people like Nabilam as they are ill and in need help.

      • Nabilam Nabilam

        yes, we all know the truth hurts you. go watch some more fox news.

        • M2000

          Idiot you don’t realize how brainwashed you are…

    • M2000


  • BklynBirny

    The 4 bigots still sit on the USAC, yet Napolitano and Varner do nothing. Compare that to the response to the racist incident at OU. Disgusting!


    the Jews have an acute sense of victim-hood, they are the only people who lost an war and got an country in return; quit whining about anti-antisemitism

    • M2000

      Hey WHITE LEFTISTS, this is who supports you!

      • Tokyotempura

        I almost wish the Bruin wouldn’t delete comments like those. They strip away the flimsy conceit that BDS and its vile ilk are anything more than race hatred and muslim triumphalism sprinkled with dim-witted euphemisms. However Israel compares to the US, France, Russia, Turkey, or Mexico, no person of conscience would ever associate with such refuse. As a third-generation UC alum, a UC donor, and a California voter, I can assure you that this will not be tolerated for much longer.

  • Freegeg Goodwin

    What going to be done about it? Will the students be expelled like in Oklahoma?

  • Adam OnWeb

    What a disgrace… they have to make a statement that they condemn antisemitism.

    Obviously, everything they’ve done up to this points seems to suggest that they support antisemitism, so now they have to make a statement.

    Way too little. Way too light. UC campuses built their reputation and no disingenuous statement is going to make it go away now.

    If that isn’t irony; Bigotry – the worst form of ignorance – has found a home in higher learning.

    The administration and faculty built this culture – and now everyone involved with it will be tainted by it.

    An absolute disgrace.

  • xram

    Of course, these are the same bigots and hypocrites who have banished numerous Christian groups and clubs from campuses under the cover of “fairness” by demanding that they allow non-Christians to be elected as group leaders. How about letting a Muslim stand for election as president of the Jewish fraternity? Makes just as much sense. This declaration is nothing more than an attempt at CYA by a group of leftist bigots and haters.

  • firedrake911

    There is far more hatred of Jews on UC campuses, than there is against African-Americans, yet the administration does as close to nothing as possible.

    A challenge:

    Will the UC schools immediately, for example suspend any sorority or fraternity when some of its members say/do anti-semitic things, equivalent to the fraternities at Oklahoma (racist chant) or Penn State (taking photos and posting them of passed out women)?

    Or has the UC system, perhaps the most “politically correct” in the US, already decided that hating Jews simply is OK, and not incorrect behavior.

    Certainly racist Dan Mogoluf, assistant vice chancellor in the Office of Communications and Public Affairs for Cal, doesn’t give a damn about anti-semitism – based on his recent statements on behalf of UC Berkeley. He didn’t seem to have a problem with Swastika’s directly across the street from campus. His reason. wasn’t on campus. So, if in the same place, if there was an effigy of a black man being hung from a tree, he would be good with that too, because it was 60 feet from campus? BTW Dan backpedaled, and withdrew his lies that there were no incidents of swastikas on campus, after online outrage.

    But, Ms. Napolitano, one more question. Why is someone that completely insensitive in the employ of the UC system. Especially in the position of the Office of Communications and Public Affairs. His statements make those made by the police in Ferguson look good by comparison.

    Shame on the UC system, and especially Cal, and UCLA which no doubt will become known as the finest public schools in the US where hating Jews is considered perfectly acceptable, with the support of the administration.

    So far, all bull, no action. Sounds like 1930′s Germany.


    Hate Speech is Free Speech, Expel the Parasites!