Thursday, December 12

2014-2015 USAC Officer Evaluations

Each year, the Daily Bruin evaluates each Undergraduate Students Association Council member’s term in office. This year, the Bruin’s editorial board has taken into consideration four major criteria in the evaluations: platform completion, the quality of the councilmembers’ platforms, how well they fulfilled their respective roles as mandated by the USAC bylaws and their commitment to transparency and accountability.

For each factor, the board voted to assign councilmembers a score from 1 to 5, 5 being the highest. The final scores represent the majority opinion of the board.

  • Platform quality: We took into consideration the benefit and feasibility of each councilmember’s goals.
  • Platform completion: Based on interviews with the councilmembers and outside reporting, we evaluated how well the officers completed their campaign promises.
  • Fulfillment of responsibilities: Using USAC bylaws, we evaluated how councilmembers fulfilled the responsibilities and expectations of their offices, aside from their platforms.
  • Transparency: As elected officials, accountability is important. We ranked each councilmember in this category based on his or her actions relating to transparency.

Also part of this package are the results from a student poll to gauge satisfaction with each councilmember’s performance.

NoteThe Bruin fully evaluated every councilmember that served in his or her office past the midpoint of the term. Former president Devin Murphy and former Facilities Commissioner Carlos Quintanilla received full evaluations, while former General Representative 2 Nihal Satyadev, who served for only a few weeks, did not. 

Click on the photos below to see each officer's evaluation.