The Bruins United slate will hold a majority of the 13 elected positions in the Undergraduate Students Association Council next year, according to elections results announced tonight.

Nine out of the 13 council positions were contested in this year’s USAC elections.

The Bruins United slate claimed six of the council seats, while LET’S ACT! secured four seats and Bruin Alliance did not receive any seats. There will be three independents on council next year.

Here is a list of all the USAC candidates and the percentage of votes they each received:

  • President:

    • Taylor Bazley, Bruin Alliance (eliminated)

    • Carly Yoshida, Bruins United (48.2 percent)

    • John Joanino, LET’S ACT! (51.8 percent)

  • Internal vice president:

    • Lana El-Farra, LET’S ACT! (47.3 percent)

    • Avi Oved, Bruins United (52.6 percent)

  • External vice president:

    • Maryssa Hall, LET’S ACT! (55 percent)

    • Nicole Fossier, Bruin Alliance (45 percent)

  • General representatives:

    • Charmaine Campbell, LET’S ACT! (eliminated)

    • Devin Murphy, LET’S ACT! (eliminated)

    • Lizzy Naameh, LET’S ACT!

    • Sam Haws, Bruins United

    • Sunny Singh, Bruins United

    • Avinoam Baral, Bruins United (eliminated)

  • Academic Affairs commissioner:

    • Uyen Hoang, LET’S ACT! (46.9 percent)

    • Darren Ramalho, Bruins United (53.1 percent)

  • Financial Supports commissioner:

    • Lauren Rogers, Bruins United (54.1 percent)

    • Brenda Gutierrez, LET’S ACT! (45.9 percent)

  • Facilities commissioner:

    • Armen Hadjimanoukian, Bruins United (50.9 percent)

    • Anthony Montalvo, LET’S ACT! (49.1 percent)

  • Campus Events commissioner: Jessica Kim, Independent (100 percent)

  • Community Service commissioner: Omar Arce, Independent (100 percent)

  • Cultural Affairs commissioner: Jessica Trumble, LET’S ACT! (100 percent)

  • Student Wellness commissioner: Savannah Dianne Badalich, Independent (100 percent)

Students also rejected the Bruin Diversity Initiative, and approved the Bruin Bash Referendum in this year’s undergraduate student government elections.

The Bruin Diversity Initiative, which would have increased student fees by $9.93 per quarter to support programs related to community service, diversity, retention and college preparation, failed. About 52 percent of the votes it received were “no” votes.

The Bruin Bash Referendum, which will increase student fees by $1.33 per quarter starting in the fall, passed with 60 percent of the vote.

The referendum will create a fund for Bruin Bash and return 33 cents to students through financial aid as dictated by University of California policy.

Compiled by Naheed Rajwani, Bruin senior staff.