Tuesday, January 22

John Joanino elected USAC president, Bruins United to hold majority of seats

Newly-elected Undergraduate Students Association Council President John Joanino, center, and his supporters react to the news of his election Thursday night.

Newly-elected Undergraduate Students Association Council President John Joanino, center, and his supporters react to the news of his election Thursday night. Brandon Choe

The Bruins United slate will hold a majority of the 13 elected positions in the Undergraduate Students Association Council next year, according to elections results announced tonight.

Nine out of the 13 council positions were contested in this year’s USAC elections.

The Bruins United slate claimed six of the council seats, while LET’S ACT! secured four seats and Bruin Alliance did not receive any seats. There will be three independents on council next year.

Here is a list of all the USAC candidates and the percentage of votes they each received:

  • President:

    • Taylor Bazley, Bruin Alliance (eliminated)

    • Carly Yoshida, Bruins United (48.2 percent)

    • John Joanino, LET’S ACT! (51.8 percent)

  • Internal vice president:

    • Lana El-Farra, LET’S ACT! (47.3 percent)

    • Avi Oved, Bruins United (52.6 percent)

  • External vice president:

    • Maryssa Hall, LET’S ACT! (55 percent)

    • Nicole Fossier, Bruin Alliance (45 percent)

  • General representatives:

    • Charmaine Campbell, LET’S ACT! (eliminated)

    • Devin Murphy, LET’S ACT! (eliminated)

    • Lizzy Naameh, LET’S ACT!

    • Sam Haws, Bruins United

    • Sunny Singh, Bruins United

    • Avinoam Baral, Bruins United (eliminated)

  • Academic Affairs commissioner:

    • Uyen Hoang, LET’S ACT! (46.9 percent)

    • Darren Ramalho, Bruins United (53.1 percent)

  • Financial Supports commissioner:

    • Lauren Rogers, Bruins United (54.1 percent)

    • Brenda Gutierrez, LET’S ACT! (45.9 percent)

  • Facilities commissioner:

    • Armen Hadjimanoukian, Bruins United (50.9 percent)

    • Anthony Montalvo, LET’S ACT! (49.1 percent)

  • Campus Events commissioner: Jessica Kim, Independent (100 percent)

  • Community Service commissioner: Omar Arce, Independent (100 percent)

  • Cultural Affairs commissioner: Jessica Trumble, LET’S ACT! (100 percent)

  • Student Wellness commissioner: Savannah Dianne Badalich, Independent (100 percent)

Students also rejected the Bruin Diversity Initiative, and approved the Bruin Bash Referendum in this year’s undergraduate student government elections.

The Bruin Diversity Initiative, which would have increased student fees by $9.93 per quarter to support programs related to community service, diversity, retention and college preparation, failed. About 52 percent of the votes it received were “no” votes.

The Bruin Bash Referendum, which will increase student fees by $1.33 per quarter starting in the fall, passed with 60 percent of the vote.

The referendum will create a fund for Bruin Bash and return 33 cents to students through financial aid as dictated by University of California policy.

Compiled by Naheed Rajwani, Bruin senior staff.

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  • Confused

    What the fuqq? How did TB get eliminated? lol.

    • hi

      Nobody won as they all did not reach 50% of the voters. In response, the election board eliminates the person with the least amount of votes and allocates it evenly to the other candidates.

      • Benjamin

        It doesn’t allocate evenly. There’s a ranking system. So, when TB was eliminated, anyone who wrote him as #1 had their vote given to their #2 choice. It’s a good system to avoid vote-splitting.

  • vraeleragon

    finally it’s over. It’s so ridiculous. They came knocking on the door even on apartment off-campus -____- I didn’t see any changes on campus at all. Next year when they do it again, they should list the things that each slate have accomplished over the year. Don’t just use vague sentences full of empty promises in your campaign poster.

  • Matt Yin

    I wish Lets Act swept. Bruins United are for losers and panzies.DIrty facists…

    • I Dont LIke People named Matt

      me and my girlfriend hated all the mother muffins that came to my door last night. I want them all to perish..couldnt tell if they were Lets Act or BU..but all I know is they were WHITE. WHITE FRAT BOYS….

      • Lukaku

        Me too….But i like frat boys…I mean…I wanna be one for goodness sake…What should i do….? Should I play fifa 13 or should i travel down the mississississppppii river? I just cant tell. So glad our student government is effective. #FernandoTorres4Life

      • ProudBruin

        if they were frat boys, they’re definitely BU lol

  • I wish people did the research

    I’m surprised Bruin Alliance was eliminated, as both were well supported in the Daily Bruin and, at least in my opinion, have excellent platforms. Then again, this is all a popularity contest, isn’t it?
    No surprise on the Bruin Diversity Initiative rejection, though the 48% the campaign garnered is amazing. People aren’t going to vote for something that they won’t benefit from (EVERYBODY doesn’t benefit from the programs that receive funding from it, and that whole trickle down/cyclical effect just doesn’t work here) and the price tag’s a little too steep for the voters who aren’t well informed.

    • How did BA lose?

      Extremely shocked at the Nicole Fossier of Bruin Alliance loss. She was above every level of her opponent.

      • Michael

        Couldn’t agree more, now we’re stuck with an EVP who had to leave her position last year because she couldn’t handle the workload

        • whoareyou

          Michael, where the hell are you getting your facts? Maryssa has been a vital part of the EVP office for the last two years and has never left any position she has committed herself to. In fact, she has been in multiple USAC offices and student orgs over the past three years. Also, if you worked closely with people in the EVP office you would know that Maryssa is just as qualified as Nicole. Both were in the EVP office as directors this past year and both accomplished a tremendous amount of work. Just because Nicole is really great at spewing out knowledge of legislation does not mean she is “above every level of her opponent.” In my opinion, the EVP needs to know how to run a campaign and mobilize students, not just analyze a bill.

  • boogaboogabooga

    jesus christ, who cares. About as useful as third-grade class president elections….

  • UCLA student

    Never attended Bruin Bash and never will. Seems to be nothing but a ploy to get more people attending UCLA since it is just meant mainly for the students on the hill (some tradition, yeah right). There goes my cup of coffee money.

  • UCLA student

    I just wanted to point out that I didn’t vote for some of the positions that only had one candidate so the percentage shouldn’t be 100% vote.