Thursday, April 18

USAC Endorsement: Lauren Rogers for Financial Supports Commissioner


The Daily Bruin Editorial Board endorsed candidates for all 13 offices in this week’s undergraduate student government elections.

The editorial board represents the stance of the Daily Bruin, and is composed of four standing members – the editor-in-chief, managing editor, news editor and opinion editor – in addition to five staff representatives.

The endorsement process took place the week before voting began. Endorsements were primarily based on a 20-minute interview that three to four members of the editorial board conducted with each candidate. During these interviews, candidates were able to discuss their platforms, knowledge of the Undergraduate Students Association Council and prior experience.

The board selected endorsements for each office after discussing each candidate and taking a vote. All endorsed candidates received a majority vote from the board.

We encourage students to use our endorsements as a starting point for their own research – and to vote in the elections.

See who the board endorsed:

Candidates running in this year’s undergraduate student government elections could learn a lot from Lauren Rogers.

She is driven, experienced, enthusiastic and has clearly taken the time to research and craft her platforms. There is no doubt that Rogers is the best choice for Financial Supports commissioner and we wholeheartedly endorse her.

Her platforms focus on teaching students how to manage their finances and easing the plunge into the post-graduation job market – both worthy issues that apply to the whole student body.

Rogers is working to implement a budgeting application housed within MyUCLA. The application would be built by so students can access their financial planning even after they graduate. This foresight demonstrates Rogers’ impressive attention to detail.

The know-how Rogers has gained from working as this year’s financial supports commission’s chief of staff is a distinct advantage.

In fact, Rogers has gotten a head start on some of her platforms. For instance, she has already applied for a $5,000 grant to fund the Financial Literacy Day she is hosting with the Bruin Resource Center in October. Even if Rogers isn’t elected, she said she will still put on the event.

The platforms of Brenda Gutierrez, Rogers’ opponent, either propose unnecessary changes or are far out of the reach of her office, such as a plan to push UCLA to build affordable undergraduate housing in areas outside Westwood.

Rogers was one of the most qualified candidates this board interviewed for any position, and we are confident in her capabilities.

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  • Pleased

    I don’t support Bruins United, Let’s Act, or Bruin Alliance. But ANY student coming away from debates could see that Lauren is the BEST person for this position. Please do not let slates place unqualified people on council.

  • voting for Lauren

    That Brenda girl was a joke at endorsements and debates. Is that the best you had Lets Act?

  • Don’t vote for Lauren

    Unfortunately as someone who has known Lauren for while from
    Campus Crusade, I can honestly say you do not want to vote for her for this
    position. She is very unkempt and unorganized; I have been to her room both
    last year and this year, and it was quite disturbing. There were tangled hair
    pieces everywhere from her hair extensions as well as crumbs and wrappers on
    her bed. Her desk was very messy and dirty. She is a nice girl, but it is what
    people don’t see behind closed doors that really makes a person. I have also heard
    her say nasty remarks about people she calls her “friends”-unfortunately
    she is very fake. She also is very disillusioned as she thought that last year
    she was girlfriend/boyfriend with a boy Jacob Atwood and would tell people that
    they were dating when they were really nothing. One of ‘best” friends
    Sarah Dunseath even hooked up at a party when he and Lauren were
    “dating.” I have heard stories that she has stolen from friends
    and roommates multiple times. She leaves urine on the toilet and does not flush
    after she goes to the bathroom. She also claims to be very Christian and told our
    group that she would not drink, yet we found out that she has drank at parties
    before, proving she cannot uphold her morals or what she says. Please do not
    vote for Lauren; she may have good platforms but I can honestly say that things
    are easier said than done especially for her.

    • are you serious

      This is perhaps the most irrelevant and slanderous thing I have read thus far. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Disgusted

      Are you kidding? Lauren Rogers is not only the sweetest person I know but she is easily the most organized and “kempt” person as well. She created binders for the entire FSC office this year as chief of staff before summer even started, she followed up with positions weekly (sometimes daily), she was a BOMB manager for the Undergraduate Business Society, and did extremely well in school.

      I personally am disgusted and appalled at this comment, it could not be more wrong if you had tried.

    • See thru you

      Mr. Campus crusade Christian you are totally off topic and lack any intelligence in reality. Why are you so fixated on the bathroom and toilet? The toilet is where you are.

      • concernedstudent45

        I don’t know what you said but I wouldn’t wanna support anyone that has a bad bathroom etiquette

    • Sahil Seth- Financial Supports

      You are an absolute joke. Lauren Rogers is not only my best friend, but my chief of staff, and has worked with me in the Undergraduate Business Society for 2 years. She is not only EXTREMELY on top of everything she does, but she dedicates her life to the work she does. She has helped me run an extremely successful office, and will do so next year because she already has made progress on her initiatives. Easier said than done? She has done it all- and I am the strongest person to testify on her ability to be FSC.

      I can assure you, almost every claim you made above was false. I drink, and my years of trying to see her drink, she never has. I have been to her room multiple times, and she is clean and organized. She is the sweetest person I know, and I have seen her lose sleep to help with anything needed from friends or in leadership positions.

      There is no question that she not only has an inspirational life story, but is far more qualified for this position. Any attack on Lauren, is an attack on me and my office, and I can assure you that you are disillusioned.

      • Doesn’t matter

        Let’s just hope that whoever wins does a better job than Sahil Seth.

    • Seriously?

      Dafuq is wrong with you?

    • interesting

      I bet that Sarah girl wrote this…

  • Go Lauren

    Brenda don’t know shit.

    • I’m voting for Lauren


  • VotingNow

    So Hell is lazy! He never did anything but get high on kerhckoff rooftop and I hope that the person who wins will do a good job.

    • Sahil Seth

      You are a joke, I do not smoke weed, and was highly respected by the various administrators, vice chancellors and even chancellors who supported my initiatives. Keep the ridiculous accusations going.

      Oh and its spelled Sahil.

  • New to This

    I am a freshmen here on campus, and I really do not know much about all of this. I met Lauren on Bruinwalk today, and she was soooo nice and seemed like she really wanted to get to know me. As far as the other candidates….I have no idea, but Lauren has MY VOTE!

  • Intelligent Student

    While you all are fighting over Lauren’s cleanliness, I am voting for Brenda. She is qualified and did not have to sleep with anyone to get nominated. Lets Act now.

    • smokeweedeveryday

      I heard Brenda is trying to raise more money for students by legalizing weed. A vote for Brenda is vote to LEGALIZE IT!!! VOTE NOW!!

    • Disappointed

      I am disgusted and ashamed that a fellow Bruin would go to such extremes to make a false, slanderous, and distasteful claim as a political tactic to win a student government election. I as a member of student government am appalled by the actions and reactions of all sides during this election season and how students are so quick to sacrifice their integrity, morals, and decency for a few votes. Being a leader is USAC requires maturity and requires the respect of the people you represent, including the people who voted against you. All of the candidates have lost my respect and most likely the respect of others during this campaign season. There is not point winning a position if it is not given respect and power by the people it is intended to serve.

    • Dumb

      Are you freaking kidding me? What the hell is wrong with you.

      I literally don’t have words to describe how dumb you sound.