Social media privacy

AB 1844 and SB 1349: Prohibit employers and universities from requesting or requiring employees, students or prospective employees or students to disclose usernames or passwords for access to social media accounts


AB 45: Requires a person 25 years or older to ensure no underage consumption occurs on board buses or limousines carrying alcohol and underage passengers

AB 1536: Legalizes the use of hands-free devices powered by voice-operated software for text messaging purposes in vehicles

AB 1708: Allows drivers to show proof of insurance on a smartphone or tablet when pulled over by law enforcement

Pension reform

AB 340: Requires state employees to pay at least 50 percent into their pension plans; eliminates barriers preventing employers from increasing employee contributions

University of California/ California State University fees

AB 970: Requires UC Regents and trustees to notify the public before adopting mandatory systemwide fee increases; Prohibits regents from increasing fees before specified dates; Requires regents and trustees to develop a list of factors necessary for adopting fee increases by April 2, 2013

Compiled by Katherine Hafner, Bruin senior staff.