Monday, November 11

Bruins must promote peace, understanding

As UCLA students, we are all entitled to express our views. This diversity of perspectives makes UCLA a wonderful and exciting educational experience. With this in mind, the USAC President’s Office wishes to express concern regarding recent incidents during Palestine Awareness Week where some participants engaged in actions lacking respect of fellow students. Following the “Israeli Soldiers Speak Out” event last week, some demonstrators yelled phrases that were very disrespectful and rude about Israelis including accusing them of murder and genocide. The actions were disrespectful to the point where Mike Cohn, an administrator, asked the protesters to leave the area.

Year after year, a conflict occurring thousands of miles from our campus pits Bruin against Bruin in a truly sad and unnecessary manner. Though the issue is an important one, it needs not be one that prevents what otherwise may be promising friendships. As students of learning, we must respect the beliefs our fellow students hold, rather than degrade their viewpoint. We must incite discussion rather than argument, and we must promote peace and understanding rather than anger and resentment. We urge both sides to join together and discuss these issues in a respectful manner that recognizes that we have more to love than hate for each other. If students in any way feel the need to address other issues regarding the campus climate of UCLA, feel free to contact our committee at [email protected]

Emily Resnick

Undergraduate Students Association Council President

Written in conjunction with members of the USAC Office of the President

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