Tuesday, June 25

Food Truck Junkie: Food trucks serve good grub at low prices

Growing up in the thriving foodie culture of San Francisco, I have always had a deep personal connection with food. Since the age of 8, when I ordered rack of lamb instead of a burger, I have been obsessed with food. But one thing that has always disappointed me is the exclusivity of many restaurants. Whether it is not allowing people into an establishment because of their attire (no shirt, no shoes, no service), or charging ridiculous prices for minuscule portions, the amount of excluding factors makes it hard for people to try new things.

During my first year of college, my sister sent me a link to the now famous Kogi truck, a mobile kitchen serving a fusion of Korean and Mexican cuisine at surprisingly affordable prices. Ever since then, I’ve had a fascination with food trucks. They have the potential to serve hundreds of customers that a traditional restaurant never could have reached. Their small kitchens make it impossible to make overly complicated, and therefore overly expensive, dishes. In many ways, the food truck is the restaurant in its most accessible form.

During my second year of college, the South Campus food court, Bombshelter, was closed for renovation. This lack of food for students sparked quite possibly the most exciting food phenomenon to take place during my time at UCLA.

The appearance of two different food trucks every day created an infinite amount of possibilities for my otherwise boring lunches on campus. So after trying a couple of food trucks, some good and some bad, I made it my goal to try every food truck that comes to the Court of Sciences.

In the coming weeks, I will be recounting my experiences as I eat my way through the seemingly endless number of food trucks. Each week, I’ll focus on a specific food truck, talking about their most standout dish (whether it be good or bad) and passing on the thoughts of my fellow customers. So be sure to check back for my thoughts of next week’s truck.

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