On Saturday night in Dallas, UCLA men’s tennis player Jake Fleming suffered a traumatic brain injury and has been diagnosed with a subdural hematoma and a brain contusion, according to his sister, Ally Fleming.

Jake Fleming, a redshirt freshman this past year for the Bruins, has been in critical but stable condition since arriving at an undisclosed hospital in Dallas on Saturday night. He is currently in a chemically induced coma.

Though further details have not yet been confirmed, Fleming fell onto a concrete sidewalk after leaving a concert Saturday night. Ally Fleming said he fell after being attacked by a group of young men.

While Fleming waited for a taxi with his friends, none of whom suffered serious injuries, a group of about 10 young men attacked Fleming. One of the aggressors punched Fleming, causing him to fall on the sidewalk. According to his sister, Fleming was not provoking the group, and the attack was entirely random.
The Fleming family said they are not releasing the name of the hospital at which Jake is staying for his safety and privacy.

After undergoing a small surgery to place pressure monitors inside his skull, Fleming received a CAT scan, which indicated positive results. According to Fleming’s close friend Trafford Hill, the swelling in his skull is reducing and nothing has gotten worse.

“Right now, it’s looking like he’s going to make it,” Hill said.

Each of Fleming’s other four CAT scans showed no increase in swelling. A subdural hematoma is bleeding within the brain’s protective layer of tissue, so swelling is a very common result.

According to Fleming’s sister, Ally Fleming, who is periodically updating a Facebook group with information regarding his condition, doctors are hoping to avoid further invasive surgery.

The paralytic drip, which puts Fleming in a coma, allows his body to relax and heal by taking away his motor functions. According to close friend Sasha Grumman, Fleming was suffering from a fever on Monday, but the paralytic drip has reduced it.

The Fleming family is maintaining a positive outlook regarding Jake’s recovery, Grumman said.

Fleming is still in the intensive care unit, and no date has been set for his release. Grumman added that the family is expecting Jake to remain in the hospital for about a month.

“Doctors are optimistic that he will make a 100 percent recovery,” Grumman said.

Though Fleming was not verbally responsive, he was able to squeeze hands and attempted to sit up before being induced to a coma.

“Things could be a lot worse,” Grumman said.