Saturday, July 20

Letters to the Editor

Government shouldn’t acknowledge marriage

There is a simple and legitimate way that is rarely discussed to end the gay marriage debate: The government should not be acknowledging any marriage ““ gay or straight.

Couples that want to get married can go to a church, park or Las Vegas and invite all their friends and family.

There would be no reason to go to the capitol building or invite the president, governor or a judge. Government should exist only to protect the rights of the people.

For example, everyone should have the right to live, to be secure in one’s possessions, and to free speech.

Government-recognized marriage is not a right ““ marriage is a promise between two people; it is a religious and social issue. A legal document confirming the bond of marriage is completely superfluous and ultimately an insult to that promise.

The legal benefits and contracts entered with marriage do not require marriage at all.

Initial guardianship of children always goes to the natural parents, married or not. People in completely platonic relationships often desire monetary contractual agreements, inheritance and “next of kin” relations. Tax benefits for couples are a government subsidy of a particular lifestyle.

Do not get me wrong ““ marriage is great.

Two people publicly proclaiming their love and commitment to each other is certainly a foundation of most societies on this earth and has been for thousands of years.

Whether you are homosexual or want gays wiped off the planet should not matter ““ because the government should not have its fingers on any marriage in the first place.

Jimmy Dunn

Third year, physics

Secretary, Bruin Republicans

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