Tuesday, October 22


Letters to the editorWhat’s the score?

Editor:What is the problem?

OK, here’s the deal: Every day I turn to the back of The Bruin
to get

the latest boxscores and scores from the Sports section.

Then, I run up to my buddies and say, "I cannot believe the
Kings lost

last night!" They look at me and say, "What the hell are you
talking about?

They won last night."

So, the reason for my problem is that just about every day I see

mistake in the scores or updated stats in the sportswire
section, and it is

ridiculous. Can’t anyone watch CNN for two minutes and get the

scores? Most of your other stuff is off the AP wire, so why
can’t you get

the right scores? Heck, I’ll do it for four units if you guys
can’t.Scott "Who won?" Wyatt



No whining here

Editor:I just thought I would give you, Tucker, (0ct. 10 "A
perspective from

one who cheered") a perspective from one who, as you put it,

I was at the rally in Brentwood with the National Organization

Women, and race wasn’t mentioned once. To me, and most of the
other people

there, this wasn’t a race issue, it was a gender issue.

O.J. was the biggest Uncle Tom in the country until his handlers

it beneficial to turn him into Malcolm X. Most of the people who
lined up

to cheer him on during the Bronco chase were white, and more
than one in

four whites still feel he is innocent. That is not an


I couldn’t care less what race O.J. is. I don’t see him as

representative of blacks. I see him as representative of
domestic abusers

who kill their victims at the rate of three per day in the
United States.

O.J. wasn’t the first man to get away with killing the victim of
his abuse

and he won’t be the last. He is just the most famous.

You can claim victory as a black man if you want. I don’t care.
I don’t

feel like I lost as a white man. As you said, things won’t
change for

either of us. I do, however, feel like I lost as a supporter of

rights. Once again it has been shown to victims of domestic
abuse that they

are alone and no one gives a damn about them.Brice Weyer

UCLA Alumnus

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